Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kenya Dig It-Twenty-Ten

Kenya-Dig It
 Well....Kenya?   Last week a group of friends gathered up to see some cool art, eat cupcakes and hear live music.  I'd have to say this group of people "KEN" dig it!   Im having trouble with the layout of this blog for some reason-perhaps my punishment for not having blogged in a few months. I forget how to manipulate things and spend way too long re-learning the same things I learned before.  *note to self-blog more often*  For the sake of checking this off my list, and against my creative all-be-it Rain-manish desire for consistancy, I am going to upload a few photos and links relevant to the evening anyway.   First I would like to say- I have some of the most generous and talented friends one could hope for.  Just look at some of the donated art below.  

My "look-a-like" created this-and I will go ahead and say on her behalf-she is not completely happy with it. Well dear friend-welcome to the world of art! Seldom does something I create feel "finished" and even less often am I really "happy" with the project.  I thank you for creating this!
Speaking of hidden talent- The Bass Chick painted this and she doesn't even think she can paint. Thanks so much to my ROCK STAR friend!
The Ninja drew this as well as another Asian inspired charcoal peice.  When I had this matted and framed, I had intentions of buying it for my own house.  A fellow ninja bought both drawings and proudly gave them to his son.
A new friend and super talented lady named Lauren showed and sold some of her work.  Her mother who works for the same company as me-displayed some amazing water color work.  The fun part about these two ladies is they have all this talent and had never shown anyone. I feel honored they chose Kenya Dig It Twenty-Ten as their first shows.  I know it was scary but I am so thankful they did it!

Dayo!  (It's pronounced Die-oh but she will never correct you) I will soon dedicate an entire blog to this artist and friend.  As I mentioned before, she donated a piece last year and when we met I was immediately tearful-I can not explain it. I just knew we would be friends.  And friends we are!  If you get a chance check out her web-shop at etsy.

And this is a cool picture of my friend Jen. She didn't paint anything for Kenya Dig It-but her friendship and life is an art all unto its self.  I would lay my life down for this friend and that is no joke.  We've been half way around the world together and will be doing that again!  Let me just say this about Jen-if you get to choose one person to have in your corner-you want it to be her.  I digress.  This picture curtesey of  Displayed behind Jen is some of my work.  The little girl in the blue dress was painted off a sketch that appeared in another blog some time ago- I also finally finished that dragon fly after a year of re-dos and do overs and ughhhhhs! 
sometimes I forget to name or title my paintings. I didn't think about this one until the guy who bought it was gone.  The bass chick acutally "told" me to do this painting-as she worked on something else in my art room.  If I could go back and name this painting I would call it "Sue's Cross"
This is the guy who purchased "Sue's Cross" He is a Secret Agent of sorts. And the hot chick with him is Andi.  Hence forth known as "26.2" She works for ISF the organization that got all this Kenya medical mission fever started for TK and I.   What a gal!

Just three of MANY MANY people who make an event like this possible.  I would like to point out the sheer dedication of Josi-she came in to work early so she could see everything before her shift started. And then pushed cupcakes to her co-workers.   Anything for the cause right?  right!
Speaking of cupcakes!  There were many!   I was inspired to create the cupcake display by a show on Food Net Work calld Cup Cake Wars. 
"Mean Bean"  A Vanilla Bean cupcake with Vanilla Bean Butter Cream Frosting and and Organic White Sprinkles. Garnished with an Organic White Chocolate Heart!
"The King"  Peanut Butter and Banana with chocolate-makes you say "ahh thankyou...thankyouvery much!"

One of the coolest things we had the chance to do this year at Kenya Dig It is have live musical acts.  Two of my coworkers shared their vocal talent  and then there is Steve.  Oh---MY- GOSH!  He plays drums in a couple of bands and man! He's awesome!  He's so talented and so passionate about that talent it makes me wish I played the drums! 

It feels kind of strange after an event like this is over.  It was the consumption of the majority of my free time since July.  I thought about it, prayed about it, TALKED about it- (I'll take this time to say to any friends who were sick of hearing about it- I am sorry)  Try as I may, I just can't help it.  It's what I love.  There were so many other friends who created jewelry (Adrian),sold T-shirts,took money and tickets at the door, asked for donations, cleaned up at the end,  set up trees or took down tables, made coffee, let me store cupcakes in your freezers,  sent tickets to invite guests or  showed up in support of the cause and for those people I am thankful in a way I can not easily express in words.  If you are reading this blog and you had any part in the event.  TK and I thank you!  Thanks for being a part of  our story!   
  The orphans-well...they have my heart.  And when a group of friends are willing to pull together and come out to raise awareness and money and bring hope to children they may never even meet, it gives total purpose to me.  It makes me believe we are all part of something truely worth while. 

TK, The Fireman and I will be traveling to Malava, Kenya in December this year.  We are going to spend our Christmas at Tumaini-Miles of Smiles Children's Home!!! What a cool chapter this will be!!!!  We will be working with a medical mission team to bring health care to 5 different communities in the area while we are there.  If you would like to be involved in our story by making a donation towards medical supplies or children's needs please visit  for more information or contact me via email.