Friday, April 26, 2013

Hey Teacher!!!!

Leave those Kids Alone!!!! All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

I may have wanted to paint something representative of Pink Floyd's The Wall II for quite some time. And by "quite some time" I mean since Labor Day 1992.   I was riding in my cousin's maroon, two door Pontiac Grad Am with the windows down, holding the TAPE case. Being the highly oppressed rural Oklahoman 9th grader I was- I totally identified with the lyric "We don't need no education! We don't need no thought control". So maybe things at Oktaha High School weren't oppressive so much as well...I did not like school AT ALL....and I never did. And I probably never will. I'm so serious. I NEVER even played school as a kid. If a friend of mine said to me "hey let's play school!" I would punch her in the mouth for even saying the word...then I'd declare our friendship over-stating the obvious "you don't know me!" Look people I was a hard core 3rd grader. I did not mess around. I might have played a game called "boss", were I got to be the boss of everyone. (shocking I know!) I also played "All Skate"  I would assume ownership of my very own skating rink in my parent's garage (I charged the neighbor kids to skate in a one car garage to the only  record I owned. Yes, it was Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" and yes, I played it over and over AND over again. Me and my sister Aims would also play "Firework Stand" where we would gather used fireworks on the 5th of July and pretend the deep freezer in the skating rink/garage was our fire works stand.  Yes, we did sale the used fireworks to the neighborhood kids. No, I do not know why anyone would  spend money on suit covered trash the day after a national holiday. Nor do I know why after one round of "boss" anyone would return to play again but  I do know two things.  1. I was a hustler-I mean seriously? I charged my friends to skate in my garage??? and 2. I did NOT play school.

No one certain event caused this detest of the institution of learning-I even had amazing teachers and I never struggled to excel. Just because I COULD do the work did not mean I wanted to people. Point is, I was one of "those" kids. I faked sick all the time and later got real honest with my mother and said "not going to school today. It's cold outside and I want to stay home." or "I already read the work for my first two classes and I'm sleeping late in the morning"  (if you know my mother you understand she allowed this).  I did not and do not hate learning, and I never shy away from a challenge, I just did not like the practice of sitting at a desk and being quite for hours at a time.

 As an adult I realize what a major job being a teacher must be. I mean I was a good kid by all standards and I had to have been a challenge in the classroom.  I can't imagine the pressures and expectations a school teacher faces now.  I appreciate the role a teacher plays (and played in my own life)  building into and protecting young humans and instilling in them a basic understanding of the foundation of knowledge. All the while being inspected and often criticized.   I value the role of the teacher as a true calling.  I respect all the more a person who not only teaches but invests in the children with great pride and passion. I applaud the teacher who can't "leave those kids alone" and I admire the true artist, magician, baby sitter, nurse, councilor, entertainer and friend a great teacher has to be.  Whatever accolades and awards you have received are minor by comparison to the unseen victories in which you have played a part. I can't imagine a bigger job than that of a "brick layer" in the life of a child.  I am certain you have not been thanked enough and I am certain you will continue to do the work of a mason in spite of this. Those facts are why if for no other reason, you should commemorate every award you are given.

 I would now like to take this opportunity to say I'm real sorry to anyone who was ever my teacher and or baby sitter....okay while I'm at it, also sorry to the neighbor kids who payed for used fireworks.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Flowers in her hair

This is me. At lunch. Today. okay well...I was laughing and laughing and laughing like THIS! At lunch.  Today. Honestly, I laugh and laugh at lunch a lot of days. I'm like that.  I did not however have flowers in my hair but I wanted to sketch big curly hair for some time and if I DID have flowers for hair I would certainly laugh more often. Who among us wouldn't?
Happy Springy-flower filled weekend! I hope you laugh. a lot!

Big Dress

The first of my lil business card sketches/paintings. YAY!!! I do love a new project.
This painting will be auctioned on Saturday April 27th at an auction to raise funds for mission work in Haiti.
Have a sketchy day friends!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Project "The Biz"

Fact.  I sketch something or somethings every day.  Fact. I have a whole box of unused/unusable business cards. Fact.  When I am officially sketching out an idea for a commissioned work I normally do so in a book. But my day to day sketches...well they are on various sticky notes or the back of a used envelope or on the side of a document I should have already sent through in house mail to another department etc.  Fact. upon completion of some paintings I go back and wish I had left said painting as a sketch. I don't know what that's about but sometimes I like the unfinished and rough version all smeared and imperfect better than the neatly colored in the lines picture I sell or post. Just some randomness from inside the steel trap. You are totally welcome!
I am going to start posting a series of mini sketches that may or may not become actual paintings. I plan to call this series of one-gazillion sketches on the back of business cards,  (okay maybe there are only 200 unused cards in the box but it certainly seems like more than that)..."The Biz" in honor of my college roomie.

If you see a sketch you might like to have for your very own in either larger scale or just painted in miniature-let a art girl know!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Party Hat

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." Steel Magnolias

I have always believed once a woman has a child she becomes part magician.  The ability to magically make pain go away from a skint knee with a kiss is just the tip of the ice berg. The thing that mesmerizes me the most is how the chemical compound of a mother's spit in the tiniest amount-just a lick of the thumb even, can clean three faces and remove powdered sugar from a navy blue school uniform while in line for annual photos.

For my "Sweet" friend Wendi.
Today is her mom's birthday and no doubt those gals will have need for a party hat! And no doubt Wendi's mom kissed her share of scrapes and cleaned her share of faces so a magician's hat seems apropos.  
Wendi, thank you so much for supporting my project. I was telling a friend last night how we met and became friends all because of a mutual love for frozen yogurt. That just reinforced what I have believed all along...Ice cream will one day bring about world peace!
I may not see you as often now, but I do love you! Thanks for being part of my lil project!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

"She's So Fly"

 A Note from Gina- "April 1 is my daughter's 15th bday. She loves butterflies and loves her small group at church. The painting you did yesterday with the butterflies and angel reminded me of her personality (social butterfly and very joyous)."

The 31 day project is now complete-and yet the daily painting continues!!! How much fun is that? As I was trying to fall asleep last night I was thinking about the painting projects and how much fun it has been.  I thought about the fact that I enjoy painting and creating so much yet I have to make myself commit to a project or else somehow my art gets pushed to the back of the stack of things to do. It's silly I know but it's true.  Also, I realize I get so much from the opportunity to create something and write about it, and often times express my point of view or speak a word of encouragement to a fellow human via the blog post-yet another reason I SHOULD make this a priority. I'm going to try. I'm going to try not to wait two years to do another painting a day type project. I am going to try to set some time out every few days to create something and write about it. And I am going to TRY not to freak myself out if either of these things doesn't happen. (that's the big one) So...from the bottom of my silly artsy heart, I say a very sincere THANK YOU! To each of you who read the blog and share the blog and check out my work and participate in my projects. Thank you!
Now... A few matters of business- 1. If you purchased a date in March and have not paid-feel free to go ahead and do so via debit or credit card using the "purchase" button on the home page of my blog. 2. The 31 Day Project 2.0 Art Show will be held on April 27th  at 441 East Chester Street in the most awesome old building down town here in Jackson- I will send and post an actual invite soon. I invite you to go ahead and save the date or at least a few minutes that evening! Thanks!  And now, on with today's post...

For Gina's daughter on her 15th birthday.  "She's So Fly"  It was a while back but I remember being 15. I was a sophomore in high school, I could not wait to turn 16 and I was in love with Elvis Presley. (And yes, I thought Memphis, TN was on the other side of the world. No joke I had yet to imagine what my life would be when I left Oktaha, Oklahoma for college, I had no idea what adventures were in store for me but I knew I was ready! I was excited! I was eager to take on the world. My faith was strong, my family loved me, and a few amazing people helped me understand there was nothing I could not do! Life. was. good! 
I wish the same for you on your 15th birthday Shelby. And now a silly fun song just for you!