Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Fundamentals Never Change 
Salt is salt. NaCl is it’s symbolic compound from the Periodic Table of the Elements. I was wearing a navy plaid flannel shirt, carpenter jeans and Fila tennis shoes the day I spent memorizing that table. Besides the fact that I was dressed completely androgynous, I also recall my musical selection in the three disc changer (room mate had the fancy 3 disc changer and if I caught her gone, I played my “devil music” and enjoyed it very much) Nine Inch Nails-Further Down The Spiral, Garbage-Garbage, Silver Chair-Frog Stomp. And yes, I am pretty sure I paid .10 each for those cd’s when I paid shipping on them and 47 others over the next two years in the Columbia Music CD club. I was a freshman in college 8 hours away from home- life was good. It was me against the world. And I truly believed the world was on my side-rooting for me to win. Challenging me all the while still…on my side.
An optimist I suppose-or perhaps more of a realist with optimistic perspective and hope beyond all measure that if you have enough passion, and you put in enough hours and you make the appropriate sacrifices…everything eventually works out. Why not believe that way? The fact that we are here right now is proof, I mean obviously everything has worked out SO far in life or…well…we wouldn’t be sharing in this blog experience would we? I don’t know, some call it “spin” I don’t care-it’s who I am. It’s who I was at 17 in that dorm room, its who I was when I DECIDED to move here, my very own father thought I was nuts. I was a kid, I knew no one. But…I was me. This was right for me. And I would be okay. It was a long time ago and I’ll admit I have periodically questioned "Is the world is really cheering for me?" But even now, in this moment…I have to say “yea…I believe everything is going to be allll right..I mean…it’s always worked out this far.”
Today I thought about THIS art project created by an amazing artist, dealing with the loss of his sister. I looked thru some blogs and found a collection of images. Mr. Yamamoto does mind blowing projects with salt. Check out his work if you get a minute. It’s astounding. As I contemplated my own future artistic goals (yea, I AM going to do a show-and if you are the person who said “oh my gosh-do a show! Do a show! Do a show!!!” Thanks…I AM!) I sketched a little and my mind settled on the following thoughts:

“Salt is salt. It’s salt on its own. Salt doesn’t need the pepper in order to be the salt. It just IS salt. Even if there had never been pepper, salt would still be salt, a compound element with great importance, carrying out its lil’ salty purpose, on its own.”

And now…I wish I had some popcorn!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Real Cross

In process

Complete and installed.

This project humbles me-even now as I sit and type. And I suppose that is the way it should be. Humbled-right?  As people-we fail, and we are failed. We judge and are judged. Even as Christ Followers we are guilty of inflicting wounds. Yet there is love greater, hope brighter and mercy bigger. Bigger than my mess? Indeed. Humility is real here. and so is grace.

Friday, July 29, 2011

"Who" Loves Ya Baby

 In the fall of 2008 I was interviewing for a friend.  I'm not playing! I found myself short on friends and had been quietly looking for the right one for months.  Don't Judge me-I HAD friends-but their lives were all changing in ways mine was not (and I was all supportive and fine with it, but still changes...) What I mean of course is my friends were all having babies so their schedules were all dictated by those little tiny creatures and most conversations were sort of "Single-sided two much information sessions". For the sake of realism here I will say no matter how happy I was for them, I could not relate nor did I want to. I really deep down just wanted to play....Enter E. Lee (AKA- Elizabeth Lee, E-lee (one word) E, Frannie, Francis, Red, Lil F, and my personal favorites Cuppy, Cuppy Cake and most often just Cup) 8 feet tall-blazin red hair-from The ATL. Same with any interview-1st impressions are important rigth? Right off she nailed it-I observed this long strand of beads I quickly recognized as Kenyan made jewelry (Well played there cup! Rule #1. Know your audience). Conversation starts easy enough and with minimal awkwardness we were laughing and making fun of ourselves and each other...and perhaps a few innocent by standers....SCORE-MAJOR-POINTS. If this offends you-I recommend you stop following my blog-no, seriously...a prerequisite to building a friendship with me is laughing-a-lot, both at yourself AND other people. I am not ashamed of it-I am a people watcher and people make fun of er. And anyone who can't really join in on that isn't someone I can be that close to-so yea, she passed the preliminary round. Another (not mandatory but quite helpful as I find lots and LOTS of opportunities to laugh at both myself AND others here) is the friend for hire has some desire to workout at the gym-for the sake of common interests I mean-it's just helpful. At our second conversation regarding-well..nonsense maybe-who knows I thru down the gauntlet-I asked her to join me for a spin class at the Y. Figuring if she accepted and actually showed up she was a "yes". It's true, yes, I wanted to see if she was fearless enough to give it a try. She not only showed up for spin appropriately dressed (nothing worse than inviting someone to your "place of cool" and having them all decked out in glittery pink spandex and a Jane Fonda sweat band) After spin we had Jason's Deli (points with me-love Jason's) Starbuckie (hallloooo) AND then...Sonic (yes, that is correct). Conversation jumped from one random nonsensical issue to another to another and touched on everything from The Braves to music and art. I was going thru a Jack Johnson phase then and she was quite supportive. I was not nearly as supportive as she disclosed her long standing admiration for boy bands....NKOTB? REALLY LIZ?  She redeemed herself with quickness by displaying one of the most diverse ITunes collections I've seen to date.  When leaving Sonic at midnight I called TK "She is SOOOOO IN" I said and the "Friend Wanted" sign was removed.

It's been 3 years since that first spin class and ALAS! she too is about to become a mom.  She is so excited I couldn't be happier for her.  I got all excited about painting the kids room and just can not wait to meet who I like to call "Mini E"
Last night as I was finishing her room I asked "T-Money" (That's Baby-Daddy-AKA Terry but whatever) "Do you think Liza will like her room?" I said.
Without hesitation and with a big grin he answered. "If she is anything like Elizabeth she SURE will."
And you know what? I hope she is. I REALLY REALLY hope she is.
May she be happy and silly and crazy and willing to try anything and have the "passion for life" just like you Elizabeth.  May she have the very best qualities of you both! 

Thanks for the opportunity to paint her room! And thanks for answering the "friend wanted" add.  Your contract has been amended to include Liza and has been renewed for yet another year! YAY!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Art within

If you just want My Personal Boot Camp stats and facts- click here.
If you like my chatty way of telling a story and you wanna know more about the experience from a personal view please continue reading. Thanks very much.
…Thursday May 5th, 2:20 am- That is when the current sketch was done. (I think that is the correct date-I’d have to ask someone to be sure-but for now let’s go with it.) It was the morning of my second day in YMCA Boot Camp. (hence the boots)I often sketch what is on my mind, then again, I often DO NOT sketch what is on my mind-I didn’t snap a picture of it but on that same page are multiple tall buildings and multiple tiny people on top of those buildings..…sure that has some creepy meaning or something-but whatever…boots..sketching…boots and a tent at 2:20 am…couldn’t sleep, filled with dread. And fear..yep-there said it. I was experiencing fear of Biblical proportions…in fact-one might say “I was SORE afraid”. I said it was the morning of my SECOND day of Boot Camp-I had already been to one such class the day prior and mustering up all my will to live-had in fact completed the 42 minute class…why then, knowing I could make it thru what promised to be the toughest workout available-do I feel so consumed by this…unrest, dread, nausea….ughhhh fear….???? (I hate fear) I’m not even being dramatic here followers and friends-I sat on the little couch wide awake-sketching by hall bathroom light….internally at war with my decision to accept a friend’s challenge. I had already committed to do this thing-so the war was pointless, the fear was pointless, the staying awake was even MORE pointless-once committed-I was "ALL IN" even if it killed me-the nerves were making a very valid point..."How did you get here? What possessed you to do this? You are good with "okay". What are you trying to prove? You are no athlete-and this aint Biggest Loser...." (yes ahh that's correct I always thought "If the girls didn't have to weigh in in half shirts I would soooo apply to Biggest Loser...and yes. Win." :)
The answer:
I think deep down I just knew I needed to move on-to take on a little more.
Three days prior to that looooong night-while me and Lucy finished our Monday workout (which was no slacker-style hang out, lift a few light weights, walk on the treadmill 20 minutes and go have a smoothie-kind of workout I might add…when I come to the gym…I come to get down. I mean-ear buds in (kinda sorta “stay away from me-I’ll half wave if I feel you are “safe” enough but please give me a few months to make that decision and please PAH-LEASE-UH! Don’t stop and talk to me stranger-who I only know by site-don't even know your name…then I have to take the ear buds out…and I might or might not want to pause the song and it might throw off my keeping time with how long this set took compared to last time…and my focus will be off for the rest of the workout…OOOORRRR… I will actually WANT to talk to you-but I only have a certain amount of time and if I DO stop to chat I will have to skip something I came here planning to do…meaning the check mark will not be made…etc etc and so on…see? No talking people.) So..we were finishing our workout and one of the few (I mean very few) friends at the gym is talking to this intimidating  director/workout guru gym person about….you guessed it, BOOT CAMP! So yes---one thing leads to another and before you know it a challenge was made. Always up for a challenge and often unaware of physical limitations while not being physically limited... and finding this particular friend highly respectable as far as fitness and healthy lifestyle goes….I said yes before I could help myself. Lucy too.

On Wednesday morning-the first day for me, it was raining so boot camp was held in the gym. Nothing any person who received a public school education hasn’t seen or done before-no tight ropes to balance upon, no rings of fire to jump thru-nothing crazy…just constant-repetitive coach driven exercise-lots and lots of core strengthening drills, lots and lots of basic calisthenics (jumping jacks, lunges, squats, push ups FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY-there were push ups!) and even though my muscles burned and my head sort of swam and the sweat did pour…I was “in” game face on-determined to complete the task…and then there was a bit of cardio worked in. By a “bit of cardio” I mean a LOT. OF. CARDIO. None the less-the 42 minutes passed and I was still alive. Along with the others in class. (this is key-there were others doing the same things as me-and THEY ALL LIVED TOO) I recall the satisfaction now and it makes me smile. Big.
As I sat quietly sketching and worrying about the pending workout and the workouts that would certainly come on regular basis for the next 4 weeks (side note I signed up for 4 weeks and stayed for nearly 3 months and am still alive to write this post) I prayed. I am NOT KIDDING…I did. I prayed-thankful for the opportunity-thankful for the new excitement I had about this never before attempted personal goal and I prayed real honestly about the fear. The fear of failing, the fear that my 100 year old knees would not allow me to finish (also failing in my mind), the fear of letting my workout partner down,(a different kind of failure but failing another person-wow-even worse than failing yourself. Am I right? yes, yes you are Amber Kail. Thanks.)  and to be real honest-the fear of running so much I would throw up right there in front of everyone. (Monumental FAIL! yes? yes!) There is a calm that comes after being just this honest with yourself-and after that calm came rest. And after that rest-came…..BEAT DOWN #2! But once again-42 minutes passed and then it was over-and once again I was proud and thankful and giddy. The kind of giddy I couldn’t express to anyone outwardly (lets be honest who among you would have understood? Anyone….?Anyone??? okay then…) I talked obsessively about it with Lucy and from time to time with another friend or two. And by “from time to time” I mean ALL. THE. TIME. Let's pause for a moment here and let me say a heart felt "Thank You" to friends and family and coworkers and strangers and that real nice farmer guy at the Farmer's Market who said I have a nice smile for which I also gave credit to Boot Camp at the Y. (haha I keed I keed) But Boot Camp did make me smile real big...A-LOT. and it still does right now as I wrap this up. I thank you all for sharing in my excitement or tolerating my excitement and I thank you for not making it clear which you were doing! I  Can’t help it-excited about it-want to talk about it-want others to be excited about it. Not my experience but excited about their own “I pushed and tried and puked and cried (umm yes, there were a few days in May I did throw up after class-just being honest-and ummm yes…I used to wonder why sometimes on Biggest Loser the contestants would break down and shed tears during a workout-I no longer wonder about that.)  It was perhaps the most rewarding experience I have EVER had at the Y. And I have been there several years and I have achieved some cool goals. People like to know numbers and statistics and we all like results when we exert this kind of energy. I am no different. So the first thing people ask when they are thinking about trying boot camp is:  “How much did you lose?”  so I will, for the record post my stats below.  But I will also say this- For me, personally, and I know I am a wackadoo-and if you have read this blog much you know that about me as well so it’s cool. But for me-more than what I lost-is what I gained thru this experience. Friendships, for those of us who started together and finished together, we have a cool “battle story” kind of bond-I love that. I have gained new passion for something that has been so important to my health these past 6 years-and honestly-I struggle now to admit-I had sort of just accepted as "gone". Wow! I didn’t even realize I missed it.  I have gained muscle and strength physically-both reflected in the stats you will find here . But also-I gained the WANT to be pushed-I mean it, I re-gained the desire to be challenged and inspired and it's really hard to graph those kinds of results. 
Lately there has been a bit of discussion regarding this "inspiration" and people who do inspire others. I sort of reject the notion that a person not seeking inspiration can find it in another. Like some other person has the power or magnitude to "fling achievement" onto innocent slacker-type bystanders. However, if a person is on a quest after inspiration-it's already within that individual. And if they look hard enough-they will see it. It takes an artistic eye to look inside and envision, whatever the current state of the project-a masterpiece being created. But even if a tiny glimpse is all one can see-it's enough-isn't it? It's enough to be called inspiration-and if there is any inspiration to be found anywhere-there is inspiration to be found everywhere.  That's  one of the things I love so much about art, it's everywhere-you just gotta look.

Boot Camp Info-Short form

So if you aren't into reading my ramblings and you clicked here b/c you just want info about this crazy Boot Camp thing I did. And will be starting again in September. And welcome-NO...CHALLENGE YOU to try with me...then here is the short form.

 The facts.

Boot Camp is:  Instructor Led-group exercise. Very challenging. The BIGGEST HARDEST workout I have ever done. ever. And THE MOST REWARDING workout I have ever done. It's outside-even in the heat. Even in the wet with due piles of grass. (only inside when rain is falling). Apx. 42-45 minutes long. 3 to 5 times per week. Motivating. Encouraging. Challenging. B2TW. AWESOME. Hard as Heck! Early in the morning! at 6:00 AM.  Conducive to building friendships. Good for your soul.

What we did in boot camp:  Moderate to high intensity interval training. Some days tons of abs and core mixed with running thru an obstacle course. Some days more push ups and sit ups than I can count mixed with more lunges and squats and 20 second sprints than I can count. Some days we used resistance bands for muscle toning and the curb in a parking lot for character building. :) Some days we split into teams and worked as groups, other times we had a partner while still others it was every man for himself. We were never alone tho-that's one of the best things about it-"safety in numbers" right? All for one and one for all. No one was ever yelled at for giving 100% but falling short of the prescribed reps. Ever. All words spoken were encouraging and challenging and motivating and hi-fives and fist bumps were given freely at the end of every workout. 

What it did for me physically: And this is the part people start off wanting to know :) Me too so it's cool.
Start, mid way and finish we took a PT Test-  pushing ourselves to do as many of the following exercises in one minute. Then completing as many laps as we could run,walk or crawl in 10 minutes.  I have figured my progress percentages and listed this information below:

Push ups- In regulation style "man" push ups  I increased by 20%.
               In modified style "girl" push ups I DECREASED by 22%  *note, I believe in the first test I had improper form so I was banging them out like blue blazes. However, I learned proper form thru this experience and wow! are push ups difficult when using the correct method. 

Sit ups- Increased by 25%
Triceps dips-Increased by 100%  (not kidding-seriously did twice as many in the last test.
Squats-Increased by 36%
Cardio-strength (the 10 minute run) Increased by 29.72%

Weight lost-42 lbs.
Inches lost- HERE'S THE KICKER. I DO NOT KNOW! Because I didn't think to measure and it might be a good idea to do-for future reference. :)
Inches grown taller- HAHAHA just kidding-Boot Camp won't make you taller- but it will make you smile more! Or at least it did me.

*I will say this about the weight lost. 1. I have a significant amount to lose. 2. I was faithful to the workout. Every time. I missed 1 class in the entire series and was on vacation or would not have missed that one. and I did visit another gym that day so...just saying the more you put in the more you get out. Not in ANY WAY bragging or anything like that- I hate to even give a number-but I believe in boot camp and I want others to know it can help them achieve new goals. and finally this is REALLY REALLY important. 3. I track the food I eat.I am not militant about what to eat-but I am very aware of the number of calories I eat every day. even on weekends.  I have an occasional splurge-and by splurge I mean ICE CREAM. I like to be in charge of what I eat, and I eat as local and whole (real-like grown in the ground or raised on a farm)  foods as I can afford.  I limit processed foods. I do not eat ANYTHING FRIED. EVER.

Please Please Please PAH-LEASE!!! don't leave comments to me personally on here. I'm proud of my self and all that jazz but really-I am only leaving the comments open if anyone wants to know about joining us in Boot Camp or something like that.  Seriously tho, comments like "we're proud of you" etc. are appreciated but they kinda make my skin feel tingly and hot in a bad way so...just don't. thank you. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Messy Cross II

 Answer to a question no one asked: When I paint crosses-I never end up with something that looks “pretty”. Truthfully, unless given a specific example of a “pretty” cross, I don’t even approach it as such. Right from the start-I am all-in, freely painting lines and “x”s and going back over those lines and making the colors darker and smudgier (no that’s not a REAL word, it’s an ART word-it’s okay to use it, go ahead) and darker and messier and then comes texture…lots and lots and lots AND lots of texture-again no real “plan” just putting it on the canvas then scraping some off and leaving some and drying some and applying more and painting over that…and so on and so on.

A lot of what I call art is for pure fun and relaxation for me. A lot of projects I get to do for other people are decorative for their homes and I love love love love that. However, fun or decorative and some of it might even be sentimental-yet not have a lot of personal meaning (I love it anyway)

Painting a cross is different tho. It’s symbolic and meaningful to me on a very personal level. I got nothing against a pretty cross hanging for decoration-fact is I have lots of them in my house. But when I paint a cross-I paint it as I hope it was…I paint it dark and messy. With “x”s and crossed out parts and re-dos and (totally see where I’m going now right?) I am not a big “feeler” when I paint (that seems a little too artsy to me) but when I paint a cross I like to consider what that cross was for in my own life -and what all it accomplished. Having that in mind-I just can’t make it pretty. I believe Christ died on a big ole’ dark and stormy-scary-humiliating- painful-bloody-ugly-cross. Covered in sin. For me. I believe the cross was for the mess, and while painting that out-I find great comfort.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Bird For Adrianne

Fancy Bird. Prancy Bird. Dancy Bird.
Happy Bird. Sappy Bird.
Girly, Twirly, Swirly Bird.
A Bird that dances. A Bird that sings.
A Bird that prances-I put birds on things.

I hope this brightens your day!  It was just an ordinary recycled one noticed it...sad...but now, Now! There is a bird-A BIRD!!!! 

To all other followers- if you don't "get it" it's all good- just watch This Clip

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Art for my peeps-"An ode to the Peep"

Having decided to stay in the dirty south for the Easter Holiday, we thought it best to send a blog shout out to our peeps in "The Nation"  So...we artistically took a few photos this afternoon.
"An Ode To The Peep" 

             Peeps with my Vanns

                 Peeps in my hands

             Peeps in a row-sitting in marshmallow attention

             Two "Peepin Toms"-At the window  peepin in to the kitchen

             All "Gangsta" wit my peeps-chillin' in my hood

             Kababing up some peeps-goin'a grill em' over wood (not really)

             Happy Easter! To the peeps in my heart, our friends and family

               "Happy Easter"..and...."Im pretty sure they just peeped on me"


Friday, April 8, 2011

Progressive Project Day1

As promised, I am starting a new BIG project. The canvas size is 36x48. Literally, I could hide behind it.  Answer to a question no one asked- I LOVE to paint BIG projects.  I don't feel compelled to draw anything out and I am not concerned with mess ups or things like that. It's just way more fun, to me.  So, yea, totally excited to start this one. 

I have seen lots of really smart art projects on YouTube where the artist posts either edited video of their progress or still frame photos in sequential order-typically the images are set to some "too cool for the room" music (yea, I said it-and I guess I should disclaim at this point) I got nothing against Indie music or film as long as you are being true to yourself-what I guess I mean it's like I've said before- we get it, you are artistic, you like things "boring normal people" don't. Now might be a good time to link you back to a previous blog where I rant about being artsy.  Honestly, I suppose one of the reasons I never considered myself an artist is because I wasn't "cool" enough. Yea, even tho I sorta talk smack about the chick in miss matched Chucks with her hair in dread locks and ugly girl-really thick black horn rimmed glasses (she doesn't even need-she has perfect vision-she just likes to wear the ugly thick glasses...I DON'T KNOW WHY? Have you been listening??? I AM NOT THAT COOL!) See, even tho I throw off on that persona, there is a part of me that likes it. *sort of secretly and from a distance- I would never admit it publicly* I like it I mean- I admire it if it is genuine. Me, personally, I am artistic and all but pretty much a conformist. Fairly main stream in my entertainment choices and certainly when it comes to clothing. I'm okay with it tho-I mean, it's who I really am.
....As I was saying, I think I will take a photo of my progress each time I paint this one. Who knows-I might stream the images together in sequential order, mix in a song and upload the finished product to YouTube. (of course by "I" I mean "TK"  my medium is paint, NOT technology- seriously- I am amazed every time a blog I post actually uploads!)  Now....about that music...I'll have to give it some thought...

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Project Recap

As I sit waiting for this "tornado" to I guess pass is the right wording-I am not sure. As I sit and wait for the "all clear" I decided to recap and wrap up the details of last month's painting a day project. I know some of you are ready to take your painting and I finally got the chance to take the "group shot" I wanted this past weekend. So...First some business. If you requested a day and you would like to purchase your painting-they are now ready for pick up or shipment!!!! IF you live in a state besides Tennessee, I will gladly ship your painting to you just send me your address. I will post available and unclaimed paintings in one week. Thanks again for being part of this project. I did have a fun time and I am thinking about doing it again. OHHH also, I have a big idea coming later this fall. (what a tease, I know!)

Below are a little more "artistic" views of the finished project. This IS an art blog after all.... Happy Rainy stormy day!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 31 "Pisa Cake" for Sammie

Well friends- this is it, today marks day 31. I kept my commitment. I painted 31 days in a row. And not "JUST" painted, I created some little painting every day.  It was so much fun. I will admit at about days 14-19 I started to feel (and behave like) a bad kid who needed a nap. That's mostly because I DID need a nap. I was staying up late (TK doesn't start winding down till about midnight most of the time, and since I developed the habit of "fighting sleep" at a very early age-under the assumption I would miss out on something if I went to bed before the others in my house- and you can FO-GET about a nap. Really? Sleep in the middle of the day? People do that?) Anyway- staying up late like normal but getting up at 4:45 am two weeks in a row started to wear me down. But...some adjustments were made- and by "adjustments" I mean, I agreed to go to bed earlier if TK agreed not to do anything fun, or allow anything fun to happen without me. Aside from the fact he watched the newest Karate Kid one night- he kept his word-and I started to get my normal 6 or so hours a night again. Thus...the project continued.  I am overwhelmed by the number of  people who said "I check for your blog every morning right when I wake up" or "I love to see what crazy thing you will paint each day" and for those silly comments, although they were not the driving force behind this project, I am so thankful. The people who participate in a project like this are what make it fun. We have grown by I think (I'd have to go back and look) 12 followers this month. The blog now has 28 followers- WHOO HOOO!! That's exciting to bloggers you know.  Through this month I have been commissioned to create 4 new works on much larger scale-so that's awesome! (More art sold=more orphans helped in my world) AND....I have started to realize my own personal style of art. (I think THAT was the main point of the "paint every day" suggestion to begin with.)  It's been so much fun to blog and paint personal thank you notes to some of my friends and to pay tribute to loved ones passed. Yea, I have had a good experience this month. I tried to remember to say it every day-but sincere appreciation is worth repeating so thank you again to each of you for being a part of my blog.  I can't really say it was a "Pisa Ccake" but I am so glad I did it. As I was cleaning brushes just now-I started to miss it already....hmm... But today was done for my great friend Sammie's birthday (in April) I love you! I wish for you many many more surrounded by those you love and those who love you in return! (In April) And also, if you know anything about Sandra-you should know first off she loves chocolate. I like to think the cake I painted this morning is entirely chocolate. Some layers are filled with chocolate mousse and some have chocolate chips inside the cake batter. Of course it's all chocolate frosting, three different kinds: Milk, dark and white. (and it's calorie free! which is more than I can say for any of the other cakes I have made you dear friend!)    Thank YOU for being a part of my blog. (twice!)

Okay followers. NEW PROJECT!  A Few Details I will post soon! Something BIG!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 30 "Angels 4" For Judith, in honor of her grand daughters

"They are the center of her world, and she lets them do whatever they want..."because that's what Grammy's do.""  Erin Beck (mom of Angel 2 and Angel 4)

To my dear friend Judith,
I hope this reminds you of those little girls and you smile.  Thank you for being a part of my project. I love you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 29 "you are so fly" For Sabrina

It's crazy to me how many "old" friends I now keep in touch with since the whole facebook thing started.  I know where childhood friends live and what they do for a living, I see their families celebrate birthdays and graduations. It's really fun to me.  I love it when someone I have thought about off and on for 10 years or more just shows up on facebook one day-on someone Else's friend list or better yet when that person sends me a friend request. It's like "hey-yea, I haven't seen you since the summer of 1995 but I haven't forgotten about you either and let's catch up!"  I'm all..."OKAY!" and "ACCEPT!"  
Sabrina is one of those friends. Believe this or not but I (yes me) used to help out with children at a church in college. I also helped (I guess you could call it helping, mostly we hung out and played a lot of basketball) with the high school kids.  Sabrina was part of that group.  She turned into this amazing grown up with children of her own and has become a nurse. Working for the same organization as I do. Crazy-how our paths never really "uncrossed".   I am thankful for that. 

Sabrina,  I was thinking about that amazing Easter lunch you cooked for me and your mom all those years back. (really? you woke up at 5 am and were thinking about Easter lunch from 14 years ago? correct!) It was fantastic-and not just impressive for a teen age girl-but impressive by adult standards. Sabrina could cook!  I admired you then and I admire you now.  I hope you have a fantastic day!  

Thank you everyone for following along and being a part of the project.  I am torn at this point, do I continue to get up before daylight and paint each morning- blog each day- or do I begin to paint some of these big big projects that have been inspired by this daily exercise...  I suppose I have two more days to decide. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 28 "Enjoy the Ride"

With bumper cars you get on knowing your are going to get...well, bumped up a bit.
But still-you get on. And you're silly and giddy and just chomping at the bit waiting for the ride to begin.
And when it starts-the lights are all flashing and horns honking from all directions and there is music. From time to time you can look around and see the cars in the ring are all moving about sort of harmoniously...dare I say it....dancing.....some leading, some following and then...then some bumping. (it is bumper cars after all) Sometimes the bumps come out of no-where and catch you completely off guard, and other times you see that car coming at you and even so...that bump gets ya too. Some bumps shake you up a bit but  make you laugh and others seem so hard or sudden you might wish you could go back to just following or better yet-leading the other cars. Maybe circling around that ring in single file again-safely on guard-not allowing anyone the opportunity to pick you out.  Appealing just after a bump-But that's no fun! Not really, I mean THIS IS BUMPER CARS! Not dancing cars or circling cars! If you like the predictable, the pretty all the time, the pattern of circles rhythmically moving in perfect cadence on autopilot, then the carousel might be more for you...Either way opportunities like this  don't come along every day-for some they are once in a lifetime-so Enjoy the ride!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


There is aparently a tech issue with blogger at this moment. click this link to see today's work.

The winner of the "follow the blog-share the blog give away" is Penny Lane.  And just to be fair, I put all the names in a paper bag and asked TK to draw out a name for me. (I might have a history of "rigging" drawings...might. But this one was totally on the up and up.  I painted a second "Bar-B-Cutie" for Penny because she really liked the original one I painted (for TK) on March 5th.   Thank you so much Penny Lane for your encouragement and friendship. I wish you guys the best of luck in your barbecue endeavors!

Thank you to all the new blog followers. This month's project (which sort of by default has been titled "the project". Thank you Sandra) has been a lot of fun for me. Thank you all for being a part of it!
Also, a big big thanks to those of you who shared the blog and recruited new followers!

There is still one day that is not spoken for. If anyone would like to claim it, let me know.

See ya tomorrow!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 26 "Smoke Rings"

I do really like pigs.  This is the second pig I painted this month. I have another sketched I am just dying to do but am saving it for a day when nothing is on my mind.  I am not a collector of pigs. For good measure, I think I will say that again. I am not a collector of pigs. I had two feeder pigs growing up-Elvis and Erin (Named after The King. Elvis's middle name is Aaron, but one of my pigs was a sow so...I changed the spelling. As if it really mattered it's not like these pigs needed proper documentation of their identity- they were never going to apply for an Oklahoma Drivers License or anything. I mean that's just crazy talk, everyone knows you kill a feeder pig long before they turn sixteen.) 
I was saying-I do like pigs and I think like many other forms of live stock they can be used to teach children valuable lessons. For example the lesson of  sticking to it even if your pig never wins in the show ring- and the lesson of "you have nothing to be ashamed of, you worked really hard, it's not your fault your pig gets nervous and develops....echh hmmm...."stomach issues" in front of the judges at the fair and every three steps you take your pig's echh hmmm..." stomach issues" materialize and everyone in the area snickers and laughs as you walk your pig around the ring." and of course there is the lesson of "sometimes you have to do things in life that are not fun-like walk your pig every afternoon even when it's 32 degrees outside but the hard work will pay off when it's time for shows.....unless of course your pig gets nervous and develops.....echhmmm..."stomach issues". Then I gotta be honest, the best lesson learned at that point is "pretty soon that piggy with the week constitution will be all sliced up, sitting next to some of your Granny Jone's home made biscuits-proudly displaying his smoke rings!"
In conclusion I'll place my points in the order of (this is FFA pig judging format for you non-ag followers)
1, 2, 3,4.  1. I like pigs 2. Pigs teach valuable life lessons. 3. Even a nervous show pig makes good bacon and 4. I do not collect pigs.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 25 "Whew"

We are having a party! All chickens are invited to attend!
Lacey has gone back to America, so fear for our lives will now end!
Lacey is awesome. Quite the hhumanitarian.
But one thing she's not, and that's  vegetarian!

Celebration will begin upon Lacey's arrival in the US.

So score yo' fly selves some Flagyl and come do the funky chicken.
as DJ Albert spins and we do some scratchin.

Date: March 25th
Location: The yard out behind the orphanage!

RSVP- The Chickens! 

Some quick back ground information. This is a picture of Lacey eating a chicken head this past December during a circumcision celebration meal at the orphanage. Two words for Lacey. HARD. CORE.
Welcome Home Lacey!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 24 "Big Al" For the RHM

Of course he smiled all the time, he was a photographer! I had no idea the guy had such artistic talent. I thought he was a real estate guy. Seriously, a few  years back I worked at the gym where he was a member. Always nice, always polite, and ALWAYS smiling. "Big Al" we called him, at the gym I mean. Fast forward a year or two and TK and I are tag-team teaching a multi-culture class. Each week TK would teach about the culture of a particular country and I would teach the class how to prepare food from that culture. Big Al was one of a few very devoted class members. It was during this 11 week class that I learned of his talents. I think it was the third week of classes, we learned about Japanese beliefs and culture. I taught the class to roll sushi. Al Eubanks was THE BEST at it. Better than ME! He just jumped right in there and created his own roll, just like that. As if the man had been rolling sushi for quite some time. Anyone who can create pretty food earns quick "cool points" with me-and so it began. My admiration for Big Al. In the weeks that followed, he allowed us to call him "Chef Al" and he smiled every time we did. We became friends.
I mentioned  The Buying Of Chairs in a previous blog, I referenced at that time, The Red Hot Momma and The List Maker and their support of our endeavors both here and abroad. It is no coincidence that Big Al, The RHM's father, also "bought our chairs". He supported us in our class, bringing his "home work" supplies each week (just like The RHM) and bringing along his camera for our end of class field trip to the Hindu Temple and multi-culture market.  He took fun pictures for us but that summer I would learn he truly was an artist and photography was his medium.  As we raised money for a trip to Kenya, he offered some of his photographs to be auctioned at our fund raiser (buying of chairs again).  His nature photos were beautiful! That's the kind of guy I knew him as. Photography artist, sushi maker, real estate man, nice guy, happy guy, smiling guy extraordinaire! He was so much more than that of course. He was a husband and a father and a grandaddy and a friend. But superior to all that still, Big Al was a follower of Christ. Maybe that's why he smiled so much.

Cindy, Thank you for being a part of this project. I pray for you every day. I love you.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 23 "eat cake"

Of course-at some point there would be a new painting featuring another "window" of a shop located near Lucy's Boutique. Here it is.  It's a new "old school" bakery-owned and operated by Miss Priss.  Much like Lucy's Boutique, the business its self is perfect. The personnel is not only polite but actually happy to see each customer. They are never out of your favorite thing, even if it's your first time there. Every item is made with the highest quality ingredient possible, never any additives or preservatives. The eggs used in cake batter are fresh country eggs from free range chickens.  The herbs used to flavor fresh ficohsa bread are locally grown by "The Farmer" and all dairy products come from his animals as well. They use goat's milk as much as possible but the cow's milk used always comes from happy cows.  Happy Cows make better milk-and better milk can only mean one thing-better products for happier customers-happier customers make happier owners-and so the cycle continues. 
While sweets and baked goods are not sugar free or low calorie, every item comes with a complete and accurate nutritional content label so customers can decide if they have room in their day for a splurge.
It's a small shop but quite exceptional. The owners don't aspire to franchise, nor do they hope to achieve fame on some food network exploitation of pastry skills. No, they are more about the community in which they live and supporting small farms. They invest  profits in micro industry in developing countries and bake delicious treats that make their neighbors happy. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 22 "Hospitalitea" Larry and Gail

Natalee (aka The Dairy Queen) college neighbor and friend,  asked me to "paint whatever you think of when you think of mom and dad".  Larry and Gale were the owners of The Dairy Queen in Milan when I arrived in Tennessee and it was their lives. In fact my very first memory of Natalee involved her telling a group of fellow freshmen that she grew up in The Dairy Queen. Let's think about this for a second. Given my intense love for ice cream-and having just moved 8 hours from the mecca of all things deliciously cream based and frozen,(Braums) I figured this meeting was some how divinely appointed. As I sat miserably homesick in that room, listening to the words come out of her mouth was like soothing ointment to my soul. "My (this is Natalee talking now so the "I" sound in "My" is quite pronounced "M-eye" parents own the Dairy Queen in Milan, that's about 30 minutes from here" she said.  WHAT? I thought. 30 MINUTES AWAY? SWEET!!! I looked around that room in disbelief-the others seemed unimpressed with her status-"She's the daughter. of. the owners. of. THE DAIRY QUEEN." I wanted to point at her and shout to the others. I tried not to judge them. "Perhaps they don't love ice cream like me," I thought. Which is perfectly understandable, no one does really.  Through  a couple of other social groups Natalee and I did become friends and during my first semester at Union we were "across the sidewalk neighbors". We spent a good bit of time at the Dairy Queen.  
Over the next few semesters, I transitioned from one of the group at the Dairy Queen who came over to eat and cook and study. (oh yes they let us have free reign of the joint after closing time and of course I liked to pretend I worked there as a grill cook) (I'm not going to say I would pretend to be a chef at a hibachi grill and pretend to do fancy tricks with the onions and clang my spatula on the grill as I sang back the order I was just given. It was sort of "Show Guns meets Waffle House" good times)...As I was saying I slowly transitioned from hanging out at the restaurant to going HOME with Natalee. Geographically it wasn't much different, the Nichoalson's house was just a concrete stair case away from the DQ. But once inside the house, to me, I was family. Yes, family. I was no longer a friend of Natalee's to be treated as a guest. I was part of them.  And I was glad.
My parents always welcomed our friends, we always had a house full, between sisters and friends and sisters of friends I was accustomed to a crowd and as is still the case today, I would get home sick from time to time. The Nichoalson's helped with that. Nat has a brother, Lee and a sister, Heather and of course they were always around with friends. 
I remember when Miss Gale told me she had gotten a super capacity washer and dryer so I might as well plan to bring my clothes and wash them at her house, while I was there doing laundry I would eat dinner. I took her up on the offer.  I don't remember what we had to eat but I do remember a few random details about our weekly meals. Mr. Larry was always in and out of the house running back down the steps to the DQ then back to the table for another bite of food. Miss Gale had learned some sort of color code system for preparing a balanced meal-the way she told that story made me laugh. Miss Gale also made this tea-Oh my goodness!  I was quite at home there-eventually coming to visit even when  there was no laundry to be done and Natalee was away for the summer. And after she moved to Memphis. No matter how often I came Miss Gale always made that tea. and she never let me serve my self. It was instant tea, the powder kind, but she served it in a heavy bottom glass with the perfect amount of ice and I loved it.
What comes to mind when I think of Larry and Gale is yea, their love of course, I mean they were married for what like 100 years?  The DQ, and the three children of their own along with the dozens of kids like me, who consider themselves part of the family.

Thanks Nat, for being a part of the project. I love you!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 21 "Max"


Rule the pool dog
Don't go to school dog
Shake off the water dog
Please don't drool dog
Happy Crazy Cool Dog


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 20 "Please! Behive!"

I wanted to paint a bee hive for quite a while now-for reasons completely unknown. I will speculate-I like the way the hive is sort of tiered-much like a cake and I have liked drawing cakes since I was in 4th grade. In 4th grade I was home sick from school watching OETA (That's Oklahoma Education Television Association) drifting in and out of Benadryl induced sleep, waiting for Bob Ross to come on and paint some "happy little trees" when this cartoonist guy came on.  He demonstrated step by step how to draw.....people, or clowns or the day I speak of, he taught how to draw stacked boxes and then how make those boxes into any of the following-a building, birthday presents, a wedding cake. It totally got my attention and I spent most of the next three days working on it.  Even though a bee hive isn't EXACTLY the same shape of a tiered cake- it's the only reason I can think of., on the date Adrianne chose, I painted one. 

Adrianne my friend, ever since that faithful day at The Old Country Store, you were dressed so appropriately I just knew we would be friends! I am thankful for your friendship and even though I have no idea why you chose today or if you like bumble bees....I have a gut feeling you will find some humor in a momma bee saying "please behive!"

Thank you for being a part of my project- let's go to Starbuckie soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Day 19" "Miss Priss"

Miss Priss got a new belt for her birthday! A new belt- but not JUST a belt. A FLOWER belt. This belt was hand made by a local artist and will soon be featured along with all things fabulous at Lucy's Boutique

The thing that makes Lucy's the perfect place, besides the fact that Lucy is the owner. Is the things she has in her shop are always perfect. Perfect fit, perfect style, perfect fabric weight, nothing clings to the wrong spot and everything  does cling to the right spot. Perfect length, perfect color for your skin tone, perfect things to make you feel....well...perfect. The gals do love Lucy's.

Miss Priss is a real person and so is Lucy, and that belt-is a real thing....Alas-Lucy's is a make believe place, located in my heart and in my dreams, therefore Miss Priss will have to  spend a little time this weekend searching for the perfect pieces to compliment that fabulous belt.

Happy Saturday Friends!

Don't forget to become a follower and share the love with others to be entered to win the painting on March 27th. Here are the details

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 18 "Different Bird" For Hayden

"Our Hayden will be 13 on March 18. My prayer for him is that he become a Godly young man and follow God's lead. Can ya paint that?"
The message and date request is from my friend Michelle. I had a really hard time with this one- I was like "I don't want to paint a cross" but everytime I started sketching this one, I'd be right back sketching intersecting lines....and before you know it....another cross. That's not to say I have anything against painting crosses. I certainly don't have anything against "THE" cross. I'll be honest. I just didn't want to paint something that looks like a week  attempt to copy something from Lemstone or Lifeway's gift sections.  Again, disclaimer, I have nothing against either establishment-but that's just not my thing...I started this project as a discipline to paint only my original work. So...I struggled. I also did not want something "cliche" or "Sunday Schoolish" you know "Follow the Lord, He's the only way, Straight and narrow, He guides your steps etc. etc." And one final disclaimer- I do believe these things to be true, I just didn't know about painting them." 
The request is a pure as any mother's heart for her son. Go ahead and read it again. She PRAYS that her son becomes a GODLY man and follows God's lead. 
.....and then....INSPIRATION! (cue the "AHHHHHHHHH" angelic sound) *sorry sticking with the religious theme today-I'll try to refocus.  Okay so I was inspired to say/paint THIS.
Doing right often times sets a person aside or out front or apart from even the closest of friends.  As followers of Christ we are called to be different. Not like the others. That's just the way it is.  Happy Birthday Hayden.  Please enjoy this clip!  Thanks Michelle for being a part of my project!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Art Tu Brute? Follow the blog-Share the blog- Give-A-Way

THIS COULD BE YOURS!  (Well, smaller of course and painted of course.) Become a "follower" and you are entered to win!
For every friend you "recruit" you are entered again. So...SHARE THE BLOG!

Apparently blogging types that create and blog about those creations-offer "give-a-ways" from time to time.
I am doing my part to be as "official" of a blogger as possible AND...I love to give things away. (It's true). I still have a few dates that are un-claimed this month. so....I will be giving away one "unclaimed" day's work! The same general principal applies as it has all month. I assume full artistic liberty.
What you get- A hand painted piece of original art on 8x8 canvas panel.
On the morning of Sunday, March 27th, I will draw a name from the entries and create something for that person.
Here's how to enter- 1. become a follower of the blog. (there is a "follow" button in the upper right corner of the home page) If you are ALREADY a follower- BONUS! I will add your name automatically.
2. Share the blog through  email or some form of social networking media like facebook. For every person that becomes a follower as a result (and tells me in my comments or on facebook or email) I will add their name AND your  name, (the name of the person who sent them to me.)

I will draw the name and post the winner along with that day's work on Sunday, March 27th.
You can enter as many times as you like- so go ahead Share the blog!

Day 17 "Lucky Day For A Lady Bug"

Happy St. Patrick's Day first of all!  But the REAL reason to celebrate today is the birthday of my "look-a-like's" daughter. I feel certain Miley, the first girl after three boys, is the reason Shaundra chose today for her second painting.  At this point, I would like to say Sista also chose the 14th (which is Pi day, as in 3.14) (All my fellow geeks holla!) so...I'm fairly certain she expected a painting having something to do with pie...however, I "put a bird on it". This leads me back to my original train of thought.  I remember when everyone was waiting on Miley's  arrival into this world- I remember what Shaundra was wearing the day she told me "A GIRL! WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!" We were excited indeed! Perhaps being born the first girl after three boys causes one to be extra inclined to all things pink and sweet and prissy and girlie....OR....Perhaps it's that first girl after three boy's momma?  No-matter! Miley's birthday is officially today-but Tuesday night we got the celebration started with true girlie girl flare! We had a tea party! After blueberry tea and sweet treats we changed out of our party clothes and spent some time in the art room. (leaving on the tiara of course, I mean, a girl NEEDS her tiara).  Happy Happy 8th Birthday Miss Miley!

The Ladybug Birthday Party

by Marie Lawrence

The little ladybug woke up
and remembered,it was a most special day-
her little friend's birthday
was today...
Her little abode-a sweet little rose
with crystal droplets of dew,
reflected sunlit petals into a rainbow of hue.
Now she must hurry no time to tarry,
as she made cupcakes vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry-
making a pot of rosehips tea
she spiced it extra carefully...
She then tidied up
picking a fresh bouquet of buttercup,
to place on her table with party favor
for little bugs to savor...

Ribbons were hung and balloons strung
to celebrate such an occasion...
she heard the doorbell ring
the guests had arrived-
oh, what presents they did bring!

Then they all danced to a tune
that the ladybug wrote,
by the light of the silvery moon,
and ended on a most harmonious note
as they all sang "Happy Birthday to you!"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 16 "The Ring Leader"

 Normally when I hear someone say "it was a circus!" what they mean is not- "Oh my goodness it was SOOO much fun! There were clowns billowing from a tiny polka dot car, there was familiar music being played on a pipe organ. There was a huge crowd of people all smiling and cheering for one act after the other- and OHHH the acts! let me just tell you! It truly was THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! (and they change their voice to the announcer guy voice too when they say it) I saw a sword swallower, a fire jumper, trapeze artists twirling thru the air! AND there was a high-wire act! A bunch of stilt walkers, we had the chance to ride a real live elephant! IT WAS AH.MAY.ZING! and I can not wait till it comes again!!!" No-usually the circus analogy is reserved for events of complete chaos-a really hectic day at work or a day the weather forecaster predicted 1/4 inch of snow and everyone in the region has converged upon the grocery stores on a quest to attain the life sustaining bread and milk. I use the phrase to describe any situation where the people "in charge" are either not prepared or not equipped to handle the situation. situations where small children have ingested copious amounts of junk food and sugar and are running amuck with no specific task or project. I digress..people say "It was like a circus" and what they mean is "I am so glad to be finished with that, or that did not go as planned."

But really, when you think about it- a REAL circus-the super fun kind you loved as a kid, is not chaotic at all. It can't be. So many people and animals coming and going-all on different time schedules and with different tasks and goals? No, a real circus has to be carefully orchestrated, tons of work has to go into preparing for the next show and then...all members of the circus have to directed by The Ring Leader.

Amidst the potential for complete chaos (I mean talk about high risk situations...have you ever seen an episode of "When Animals Attack"? and they show that crazy clip of a run-a-way-elephant tearing thru the crowds?) *piece of advise, and it's just me here-but I would avoid all crowded tents filled with semi tamed animals in India.* The Ring Leader runs the show. All acts in order, in perfect timing, as they should be so the audience gets the most out of their experience.

Two things. You may already know the first one-or could assume it if you read any previous blogs I have written. 1. I equate children's Sunday School to a circus. And I don't mean the fun kind I wanna go back to again and again. I mean I equate it to the chaos. KAAAYYY----OSSSS! (I personally feel less than equipped to handle THAT situation.) 2. I equate Miss Arleen to "The Ring Leader". It's true, the analogy can easily be seen. She spends the amount of time necessary doing the behind the scenes prep work, accomplishing what needs to be done to ensure all members of the "circus" are kept on task, ready to do the next thing. I have been in her house lots of times on a Wednesday or Thursday and she will have all the projects prepared and ready to go for her class NEXT Sunday. She's on top of things. Miss Arleen is many things-she's a friend and a shopping buddy, she's a mom, a "Nana" and a wife. But on Sunday mornings-in the 4 and 5 year old small group, she's The Ring Leader. She no doubt has tamed a few lions and juggled her share of falling objects-but she leads. She directs that "circus" in a way that makes the members want to come back week after week-and I, I am thankful and amazed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 15 "Beware!"

My friend Becky, artist that she is, requested any available date. I first offered to give her a list of the dates available. Then I realized March 15th was open-so I quickly added "Beck Grur" to my calender, knowing today was the perfect date to create something for her.   I feel no need to explain today's work. Clearly it is a picture of a dog driving his own convertible car.   Tim and Becky, my favorite Thespians. I love you!

You would have to know a person who titles their art blog "Art Tu Brute?" is going to have a certain appreciation for Shakespearean works in general and Julius Cesar more specifically. If you are reading this and had no clue that I created the blog for lots of reasons but decided to focus mainly on my love of art because I thought "Art Tu Brute?" was funny-it's okay. I mean it's okay if you are reading and you didn't know WHY I do this silly blog or WHY I chose the name. However, if you had no idea where the "Tu Brute?" came from....well...I have questions for you-serious, serious questions that should perhaps be handled via private inbox message and not publicly on the blog.  Okay...that might have seemed a bit harsh-I tell you what. I won't judge you for having no appreciation of Shakespeare. (You don't have to "get it" you don't even have to like it) But you DO have to be aware of the impact his work has on the world as we know it. Take a deep breath faithful followers of the nonsense, I am not qualified to educate you on the subject. Nor will I try.

I will however utilize my powers of "whim" and craftiness in the art of verbal silliness to work in a pun or two.    "Beware The "Id's" of March" 
When faced with an "Id-er" and we have all been there, I find it's best to just BEWARE!
The "I'd have done it differents" the "I'd have not done that at alls"
The  "I'd not take any chances" or "I'd have made a different calls"
The "I'd tell them so and so."  the "I'd set them straights"
The "I'd a kept my mouth shuts" the "I'd have made them waits"
Waiting,  ready to criticize, and verbalize what they despise, and jeopardize, dreams.
The "I'ds" are lurking, habitually offering the negativity it seems.
Oh friends you must beware, the "Id's of March" may actually be, believe it or not, completely oblivious to the harm in their game.
They are "Helpers" "advise givers" "bless your hearters".  They are "second guess what you think besters" and "Keep them down because they are smarters". Not "haters" or "killers" or "causers of trouble"
But their fires do  burn, and  their cauldrons do bubble just the same.
The advise you did not seek is so freely given from one's heart. So,  be a friend, be a neighbor, share some love, but Beware! "The Id's of March".

Be sweet to people. Be respectful when offering advise. Don't be in a hurry to criticize. Especially those who freely jeopardize their safety to protect yours. *suppose I could have just made that my status today and saved this blog hu?  I think I will do that now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 14 "I Put A Bird On It"

Today was one of two dates requested by my Super Crafty-Maker of pretty flower things I wear-Look-A-Like  I would probably have created something "sweeter" for my friend today had she not posted this funny link on my FB wall yesterday.  "Put A Bird On It" .  (I totally wanted to post the actual clip here and for some reason I am unable to do that at this time. IF you have a second-you should check it out. It will at least make you smile. did me anyway. 

You make me laugh. A LOT. Thank you my quirky, swirly, chatty, crafty, smarty sista! Now....get off here and go put a bird on something for crying out loud!   

....and....I just watched it again. 

Also, blog followers... Here is a recap and status of the project so far:

Day 1- "The March Hair"  Sold
Day 2-  "Sunny Side Up"  Available
Day 3-  "Penny's Hero"   Sold   (Can be reprinted after The 31 Day project-Just Ask!)
Day 4-  "Harmony House"  Not Available
Day 5-   "Bar-B-Cutie"    Sold
Day 6-  "Sandra's Church"  Sold  (Will be created in GIANT scale soon!)
Day 7-" Happy Day Friend" Sold?

Day 8- "Sweet Tweet"  Sold?
Day 9-  " B-Fly" Sold
Day 10- "Contagious" Sold- (To be reprinted after the 31 Day project-Thanks Linsey!)
Day 11- "He's Her Lobster"  Sold
Day 12- "Koi Vey!" Sold
Day 13- "Lucy's Boutique" Available

Thanks everyone for following.  This has been really fun for me so far. 
We now have 20 followers. 
I am looking to join the technically advanced world soon- and add a "Pay Pal" option to my blog so keep your fingers crossed on that one!
ALSO....I plan to do a "give a way" one day this month...I am not sure what I will do or how I will do it- but bloggers do that and I think I will try it! 

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 13 "Lucy's Boutique"

It's where all the girls like Hairett shop.  It's actually owned by one of Hairiett's friends, Lucy (Hence the name) It's a little boutique, they carry all the typical "prissy girl" stuff: Purses, shoes, trendy clothes, work clothes, fancy schmancy rain coats and a complete line of  "one of a kind" "hand made" "hard to find" "make your co-workers jealous" and imported accessories. Lucy's is a distributor of Tom's Shoes (of course) and she donates a certain percentage of her profits quarterly to organizations that work with underprivileged people groups in developing countries.  When Lucy isn't keeping schedules, car-pooling the littles, and caring for the elderly, she collaborates with designers, artists and wordsmiths to develop a new line of  T-shirts she hopes to debut in her shop this spring.
Be sure to follow the blog for all the latest from Lucy's.

IN OTHER NEWS......we now have 20 followers- SSSAAAWWEEEET!!!!!

Thanks so much for being a part of the prjoect!

Perhaps tomorrow I will give an update on what paintings are still available. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 11 "He's Her Lobster" Happy Birthday Dwayne!

It’s Amy’s husband Dwayne’s birthday. So sister requested today. (Even though she thinks this is dorky) Thanks for your support there Aims! Seriously-she talks a good game but she is “all in”. Along with the rest of the sisters and for that I am grateful.
I borrowed a clip from one of my favorite television shows to elaborate on today’s work. I feel there is no better way to convey the meaning. Let’s watch…shall we?

Happy Birthday D! We love you. So thankful for the day you walked into the tank and joined claws with my sister!