Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Fundamentals Never Change 
Salt is salt. NaCl is it’s symbolic compound from the Periodic Table of the Elements. I was wearing a navy plaid flannel shirt, carpenter jeans and Fila tennis shoes the day I spent memorizing that table. Besides the fact that I was dressed completely androgynous, I also recall my musical selection in the three disc changer (room mate had the fancy 3 disc changer and if I caught her gone, I played my “devil music” and enjoyed it very much) Nine Inch Nails-Further Down The Spiral, Garbage-Garbage, Silver Chair-Frog Stomp. And yes, I am pretty sure I paid .10 each for those cd’s when I paid shipping on them and 47 others over the next two years in the Columbia Music CD club. I was a freshman in college 8 hours away from home- life was good. It was me against the world. And I truly believed the world was on my side-rooting for me to win. Challenging me all the while still…on my side.
An optimist I suppose-or perhaps more of a realist with optimistic perspective and hope beyond all measure that if you have enough passion, and you put in enough hours and you make the appropriate sacrifices…everything eventually works out. Why not believe that way? The fact that we are here right now is proof, I mean obviously everything has worked out SO far in life or…well…we wouldn’t be sharing in this blog experience would we? I don’t know, some call it “spin” I don’t care-it’s who I am. It’s who I was at 17 in that dorm room, its who I was when I DECIDED to move here, my very own father thought I was nuts. I was a kid, I knew no one. But…I was me. This was right for me. And I would be okay. It was a long time ago and I’ll admit I have periodically questioned "Is the world is really cheering for me?" But even now, in this moment…I have to say “yea…I believe everything is going to be allll right..I mean…it’s always worked out this far.”
Today I thought about THIS art project created by an amazing artist, dealing with the loss of his sister. I looked thru some blogs and found a collection of images. Mr. Yamamoto does mind blowing projects with salt. Check out his work if you get a minute. It’s astounding. As I contemplated my own future artistic goals (yea, I AM going to do a show-and if you are the person who said “oh my gosh-do a show! Do a show! Do a show!!!” Thanks…I AM!) I sketched a little and my mind settled on the following thoughts:

“Salt is salt. It’s salt on its own. Salt doesn’t need the pepper in order to be the salt. It just IS salt. Even if there had never been pepper, salt would still be salt, a compound element with great importance, carrying out its lil’ salty purpose, on its own.”

And now…I wish I had some popcorn!