Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cherry Blossom-Very Awesome

I'm a fan of Dr. Seuss-you would no doubt imagine if you have met me at all. I like the style-the sing-songie-ring-rhyme-rhythm of his work.  I like the bright colors and whimsy of the illustrations.  I have a heart filled with whimsy you know.  Even though once broken ...it seems to be healing nicely and with more swirls and polka dots than ever before.
This two part painting is "complete enough" to blog. I have big plans for it. And if they go well-I will dedicate a new post to be called "Sakura" (and no I don't mean the sushi joint).  There is a bit of a risk involved in the next steps...and for that reason-I documented the Dr. Seuss-ish version here.  Enjoy!

Two sheets of paper. Three and one-third feet by six.

Two sheets of paper. To paint flowers and sticks.

Two sheets of paper. Cherry Blossoms in bloom.

Two sheets of paper. On the wall in my room!