Saturday, April 23, 2011

Art for my peeps-"An ode to the Peep"

Having decided to stay in the dirty south for the Easter Holiday, we thought it best to send a blog shout out to our peeps in "The Nation"  So...we artistically took a few photos this afternoon.
"An Ode To The Peep" 

             Peeps with my Vanns

                 Peeps in my hands

             Peeps in a row-sitting in marshmallow attention

             Two "Peepin Toms"-At the window  peepin in to the kitchen

             All "Gangsta" wit my peeps-chillin' in my hood

             Kababing up some peeps-goin'a grill em' over wood (not really)

             Happy Easter! To the peeps in my heart, our friends and family

               "Happy Easter"..and...."Im pretty sure they just peeped on me"


Friday, April 8, 2011

Progressive Project Day1

As promised, I am starting a new BIG project. The canvas size is 36x48. Literally, I could hide behind it.  Answer to a question no one asked- I LOVE to paint BIG projects.  I don't feel compelled to draw anything out and I am not concerned with mess ups or things like that. It's just way more fun, to me.  So, yea, totally excited to start this one. 

I have seen lots of really smart art projects on YouTube where the artist posts either edited video of their progress or still frame photos in sequential order-typically the images are set to some "too cool for the room" music (yea, I said it-and I guess I should disclaim at this point) I got nothing against Indie music or film as long as you are being true to yourself-what I guess I mean it's like I've said before- we get it, you are artistic, you like things "boring normal people" don't. Now might be a good time to link you back to a previous blog where I rant about being artsy.  Honestly, I suppose one of the reasons I never considered myself an artist is because I wasn't "cool" enough. Yea, even tho I sorta talk smack about the chick in miss matched Chucks with her hair in dread locks and ugly girl-really thick black horn rimmed glasses (she doesn't even need-she has perfect vision-she just likes to wear the ugly thick glasses...I DON'T KNOW WHY? Have you been listening??? I AM NOT THAT COOL!) See, even tho I throw off on that persona, there is a part of me that likes it. *sort of secretly and from a distance- I would never admit it publicly* I like it I mean- I admire it if it is genuine. Me, personally, I am artistic and all but pretty much a conformist. Fairly main stream in my entertainment choices and certainly when it comes to clothing. I'm okay with it tho-I mean, it's who I really am.
....As I was saying, I think I will take a photo of my progress each time I paint this one. Who knows-I might stream the images together in sequential order, mix in a song and upload the finished product to YouTube. (of course by "I" I mean "TK"  my medium is paint, NOT technology- seriously- I am amazed every time a blog I post actually uploads!)  Now....about that music...I'll have to give it some thought...

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Project Recap

As I sit waiting for this "tornado" to I guess pass is the right wording-I am not sure. As I sit and wait for the "all clear" I decided to recap and wrap up the details of last month's painting a day project. I know some of you are ready to take your painting and I finally got the chance to take the "group shot" I wanted this past weekend. So...First some business. If you requested a day and you would like to purchase your painting-they are now ready for pick up or shipment!!!! IF you live in a state besides Tennessee, I will gladly ship your painting to you just send me your address. I will post available and unclaimed paintings in one week. Thanks again for being part of this project. I did have a fun time and I am thinking about doing it again. OHHH also, I have a big idea coming later this fall. (what a tease, I know!)

Below are a little more "artistic" views of the finished project. This IS an art blog after all.... Happy Rainy stormy day!