Monday, January 14, 2013

"U Be U"

As I said a few days ago, I have been so excited for the project in March that I find it difficult to wait on new sketches and new paintings. So...WHY WAIT???  This lil number was created with my "TN Twin's daughter in mind but it's such great advice to us all.  

When they all stand still, a limited few will…Dance! If given the chance,
Some will twirl and shout! And squirm about and spread the nonsense.
The hushers may come-the cross lookers-nay sayers-dream squishers might too
To them I say “Hisssss! Boo! Hisss and once again…boooooo!”

Twirl! little girl! 
Dream in the day time and share that silly heart
Dance in the rain if you want to, sing songs that don’t rhyme
Don clothes that don’t match if that’s what you’d like
Frinkle faced friend of mine. 

For the  Pixie,  
I came to know you at a time when I needed a pixie in my life the most! And man am I glad! You might not do it on purpose but then again a gal with your moxy just might...YOU INSPIRE ME! I love you so! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Days Are Numbered

Happy cold Tuesday friends!  I am excited to say only 19 days are still available for sale in "The 31 Day Project 2.0"  To say I am excited is perhaps a bit of an understatement. I'm actually so inspired by YOUR excitement that I am finding it difficult to wait to begin. Thanks so much for your interest in this project!  No joke. These last few days I have been "Sketchy-Sketcherson" just roughing out ideas and making plans and thinking up silly limericks to coincide  with the soon to be paintings. I can not wait! And as an added bonus all this creative motivation and silliness seems to breed yet more silliness and motivation and with that comes a sense of accomplishment and a new kind of happy. (Dontcha just love a happy AK? yes...yes..she's the best one-I think).  
I will remind you old school followers and inform any newbies how the project works.  
Anyone can "buy" a date. Message me to make sure the date you want is still available. They are selling fast! Pay for the date using the "BUY NOW" button on the top right side of this page. 
If you have something specific you would like for your painting -let me know.(For example,  if you choose March 1st because it's your Mom's birthday or you would just like a painting of an aardvark..It's up to you..there is no judgment here :) )   Otherwise I take full artistic license.  
And same as last time, all profits from this project go towards the continued efforts of my great friends doing medical mission work and caring for the orphans in Kenya.  

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In an effort to improve my painting skills and following the advise of one FABULOUS ARTIST .....I challenged myself to paint every day for a month.  That was in March 2011. We called it "The 31 Day Project". I was challenged and rewarded and enjoyed every, well...ALMOST every part of  the experience. (I was cranky and sleep deprived for a bit there and that wasn't fun for anyone but...we've grown since then)
I am excited to say I will be doing it again! That's right folks- "The 31 Day Project 2.0"  whoop whoop! If you are new here then I say a GIANT "Welcome!!!!" and even bigger "THANK YOU" for checking out my lil art blog.   For the full details about the project in 2011 click this link. 
Nothing we do over here is rocket science but there are a few things you should know about this adventure. I have listed the deets below:

The skinny:  The 31 Day Project 2.0 will begin March 1st 2013. I will create one painting per day for 31 days and blog it.  The paintings are for sale and are often purchased blindly in advance by reserving a date.
While requests can be made regarding the subject of your painting, I make no promises. That's the adventure part :)

It's interactive:  That's right- YOU can be a part of this project! Follow these steps:

1. Choose a date
2. Purchase that date for $15.00.  I will post a link to pay by debit or credit card
3. Eagerly anticipate YOUR painting and blog to be posted
4. Brag to all of your friends about how you have your very own piece of original art (this is optional but highly encouraged)

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE??? REALLY???? YES! I mean who doesn't love a discount??? For each new follower you bring to the blog, up to 5, you receive a $1.00 discount towards your purchase. That's correct folks- YOUR friends are worth $1.00 each! :)

I will post a calendar soon and link to make your purchase official. If you just can't wait, I TOTALLY get that. Message me and I will make things happen.