Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rise Above....Big Fat Chicken

Don't be a chicken
Don't live in fear
Face the giants! Slay the dragons! Time and time again. So what you were discarded-down hearted-offended-unfriended. Sad is not where it ended. Broken or crushed no one comes near but the fear. The fear never goes-it stays and it shows on your face. In the way you refuse to embrace the other shoe, it's for others not here in this place. Not for you. For you it might not drop. This time. What if it falls to the ground? Arterial pieces splattered as if this one mattered this dream less shattered. Sure egos tattered and spirits battered. Hopes are gathered. You will start again and the next time.again my friend you will rise above. One time for the last time be fearless. Love.

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